Wavy Rim Bowl #019

5 quarts
11"W × 11"D × 4.75"H

This is my version of a French cassoulet dish. I really enjoy making this style of vessel, its simple, elegant, and performs a variety of duties in the kitchen very well. Baking a multitude of dishes from Coq au Vin, to lasagna, and New Mexico green chile enchiladas. And yet the best ragu bolognese I've ever had has been made in one of these wavy rim bowls.

Typically I reduce these wavy rim bowls in a raku style reduction due to how difficult it is to get fireclouds on these pots. But as I was removing this one from the pit firing I noticed way more fireclouds than normal. Low and behold, this particular pot was blessed from the firing with a multitude of great fireclouds which is rare and difficult.

This piece was carefully hand-crafted at my studio using hand-rolled coils made from hand-dug micaceous clay.