Vase #001

9"W × 9"D × 13"H

It is very rare that I make a vessel designed for usage other than in a kitchen. Actually, I can count the amount on one hand. This is the only vase I've ever made and it has been on display in my house for the last couple of years. It was pit-fired on its side in hopes of intensifying the 'fireclouds' in one area. It worked quite well. The area where the ponderosa pine bark was resting created some great and very unique fireclouds. One spot even developed a black and blue iridescent 'eye' at the center of the cloud. Quite stunning.

This is not for fresh flowers and water storage. If you want to use it for fresh flowers, you will need to supply your own plastic liner. This vase is a standalone piece or for dry flower arrangements.

This piece was carefully hand-crafted at my studio using hand-rolled coils made from hand-dug micaceous clay.